Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Karli, the hands behind Lumpy Pot Co! I live in Portland, OR with my sweet and mischievous cat Blair, surrounded by books, plants, and local art.

After failing a pottery class in high school (I could not figure out how to center for the life of me), I took a 15 year break before signing up for a 5-week wheel class at the Mud Room North studio at the end of 2022. I immediately fell in love and signed up for another round.

After becoming a member in April 2023, I had to step away from wheel due to a wrist injury which resulted in surgery that December.

Refusing to give up on this newfound passion, I quickly fell in love with hand building and haven't looked back since.

My pottery journey has been full of reminders that imperfection is an opportunity for creativity.

Even the very first lumpy pot began as a failed attempt at something elegant and ended in a blossoming creative outlet and, soon after, launched The Lumpy Pot Co.

Cheers to the imperfectionist in all of us!

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